Nonii, nahahoolduslemmikute sarja lõpp paistab. Täna on järg käes kolmandal postitusel ja mingi aja pärast ilmubki siis neljas, ehk viimane. Ütlen juba ette ära, et viimaseks jätsin minu jaoks ühe põnevama brändi, millest ilmselt palju üldse kuulnud polegi. Madarast olete ilmselt juba kõik nii umbes miljon korda kuulnud. Et kordamine on tarkuse ema, siis mis … Keep reading


theBalm Mary Cindy Betty Lou Manizer

I’ve been meaning to do this post for almost..two years? I think. But as they’ve been my faves for such a long time, I think it’s never too late to talk about them. We all know the gorgeous cult favourite highlighter theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. It is a beautiful neutral champagne shade that suits every skin tone. … Keep reading


Pühavaimu tn

A vacation in Pärnu is something completely different from a one in the city. There are no obligations here, there’s plenty of time and we can just go with the summery flow. Today we decided to go get some fresh greasy donuts we had been talking about for a little while. Old town was full … Keep reading


Pärnu Vana turg

Almost every time we’re in Pärnu, we try to stop by the Farmer’s market. J’s family goes there often and so we try to do the same whenever we’re here. Yesterday we really wanted sweet cherries and peas. We got some super delicious ones from the Farmer’s market. The peas looked so good we headed … Keep reading


Makeup Erased Beauty Blender Konjac Sponge

How to know which products are currently beauty favourites? Sometimes it’s hard to notice which items are favourites out of the ones I use daily. And then all those little getaways far from my whole arsenal usually send a clear signal. I only pack products I truly love and trust. And as we’ll spend another … Keep reading