About two weeks ago Halens held a video workshop. Both Estonian and Latvian bloggers took part in it. We first gathered in the Halens office where they introduced their history. Then we went to Polhem PR Showroom, where the workshop itself took place. Mellow is the creative company that came to share their knowledge with us. The first day was mostly theoretical and we got to put our newly learned knowledge to practice on the second day. My result can be seen above. I didn’t re-edit it later, this is what I put together on the spot. I had some issues with the footage for some reason, but otherwise I’m pretty pleased with what came out. I got to try out several techniques both during filming and editing and it was a lot of fun. The whole workshop was really inspiring and I definitely want to get better at filming and editing and trying to be more creative. Let me know if you’d like to see some more similar outfit videos in the future (: A huge thank you to Polhem PR and Halens for the opportunity to take part in this workshop and thank you Anna for being my partner in crime during the workshop!

Halens workshop

Halens workshop


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    1. Haha jah, seal workshopil käis läbi, et mingid naljakad momendid võib ka sisse panna ja no see naerutas seal kogu seltskonda :D

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