First up, this post is so long that it’s only going to be in English. But here we go. I’ve already told you about Mossa. Now it’s time to talk about Kiehl’s. Well, who doesn’t know Kiehl’s, right? As you can see from the photos, I have quite the selection of Kiehl’s products. Before you even think of it, no, I don’t use everything at once! :D And in this bunch there is no product that has deeply disappointed me. So a huge plus for Kiehl’s and also a reason why it’s one of my all time favourite skincare brands. Kiehl’s has taken some inspiration from Asian skincare in the sense that when Western skincare is usually a few products and we top it off with a billion makeup products, then Asian skincare is the opposite. They use a bunch of skincare products and a few makeup products. My variety of products is quite diverse and not many products are meant to be used instead of each other. As there are so many products, I won’t go in depth about all of them. I don’t have the time to type this much and well you’ll get bored by the time we get to the 5th product :D. But I’ll try to talk about them in a somewhat logical order. The main thing to remember about Kiehl’s is that you don’t need EVERYTHING, but the products that target your skin’s problems. What I’ll tell you about below is a very extreme example and is really too much. Plus as a blogger I do get these products to try out and share my experience. So here comes one very intense experience :D

Let’s imagine me going through a Kiehl’s heavy skincare routine :D. Bare in mind that even though there is a ton of products, you only need the smallest amount of everything. We want to care for the skin, not overwhelm it. I’d start with the Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. It’s thick and creamy and I do only use it for removing eye makeup. My skin is not a fan of lotion based makeup removers, but for eyes this works really well. It’s lightweight and non-greasy. Then I’d cleanse my skin with something (maybe the Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash that is on my *to buy” list). Next up would be the first step of skincare: Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence. You only need 1-3 drops of this to apply it all over the skin as a primer, as it makes the rest of the skincare go deeper and work better. The idea is to move from the lightest consistency to the heaviest. Second product would be the Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate. Whoah, it’s the third/fourth product and the names are just making me dizzy :D. This is something for a more drier skin, as it plumps the skin and helps other products to moisturize the skin better. Then I’d use an eye cream. I have previously talked about the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I loved it back then and I still love it. Another eye cream I have is the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate. It works similarly to it’s all-over-the-face counterpart Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate which I’d apply to my forehead only. They’re both meant for skin that’s starting to show fine lines and wrinkles. Both products reduce the appearance of fine lines, plus the eye cream also helps fight under-eye darkness. On my nose and cheeks, where I have the biggest pores, I’d apply Precision Lifting & Pore-Tightening Concentrate. This helps minimize pores and tighten the skin. Then, depending on wether it’s daytime or nighttime my choice would be different. For daytime the best serum is Daily Reviving Concentrate, which is the daytime equivalent to the loved Midnight Recovery Concentrate. The daily serum helps brighten the skin and keeps it looking fresh throughout the day. For nighttime I currently use the Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate. This little fella helps accelerate surface skin cell turnover and it smooths the skin’s surface over time. And here’s where my products almost end. I’ve also told you about the Activated Sun Protection Ultra Light Sunscreen. Again, loved it back then, love it now. And last but not least is another fairly new product in the army, the Tumeric & Cranberry Seed Energzing Radiance Masque. A mask that invigorates and brightens skin’s appearance. I used it just this morning and with the iris extract essence and the hydro-plumping concentrate my skin just glows right now! Can’t say that I don’t love it.  


If you made it this far, I’m sending you a big hug! Daily I mostly use the iris extract essence and hydro-plumping concentrate. Then a bit less diligently either of the eye creams and the line reducing and pore refining concentrate. The oil serums I use a few times a week and everything else is need-based. My skin feels and looks happy and not one of these products has broken my skin out. I hope this mammoth post acts as a little guide for you in the brightly coloured and product-filled world of Kiehl’s.


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  1. Hei!

    Kahjuks ei viitsi seda praegust juttu küll inglise keeles lugeda :D

    Võiks ikka eesti keeles olla põhirõhk või on siis kodumaine lugejaskond nii väike, et ei tasu nii teha?

    1. See käib pigem selle järgi mis keeles postitus peas valmima hakkab :D Enne tulevad mingid laused/emotsioonid ja siis hakkan kirjutama. See sattus jah marupikk ja tõlkima hakata seda päris tülikas. Mulle meeldib kakskeelset teha ja vahel läheb nii, et mõni postitus on vaid ühes või teises keeles (:

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