Here you’ll find a list of questions that I get a lot. And also please remember that I’m not Google, I don’t know everything and I’m not going to look something up for you just because you don’t feel like it. 

Where did you study makeup? Kus sa jumestamist õppisid? 
I studied in Glow Makeup School Estonia. Õppisin Glow Makeup Eesti meigikoolis. 

How much does something cost? Kui palju miski maksab?
I’m sorry, but I have a really bad memory on prices :D Vabandust, aga mulle ei jää hinnad meelde. :D
Where to get something? Kust mingit asja osta? 
If it’s clothing item, it’s mentioned. If it’s a beauty product then unless it’s ordered or gifted, it’s from I.L.U/Kaubamaja/Stockmann. Kui on tegu riideesemega, on see postituses mainitud. Kui on tegu mingi ilutootega ja ma pole öelnud, et toode on kingitus, on see suurima tõenäosusega saadud I.L.U/Kaubamaja/Stockmannist. 

What foundation shade am I? Mis tooni jumestuskreemi Sa mulle soovitad?I can’t recommend a shade without testing it on your skin. Ma ei saa soovitada mingit tooni seda inimese nahal proovimata. Pildi järgi ei saa midagi hinnata. 

What cameras to you use for taking pictures and vlogging?I use Nikon D7100 for my blog pictures and YouTube videos and my Sony a5000 for vlogging. Tavaliste videote ja blogipiltide jaoks kasutan Nikon D7100 ja vlogimiseks Sony a5000.